Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Looking for me?

You'll find me at my new digs:  http://AnnieRayburn.com. "Annie" and I are sharing the site. New website, new blog, excerpts, new pages about my books and new releases. Check it out!
- - - - -
5/18/11: My short story Insight  has re-released - visit new website for details and buy links.
Phantoms & Fantasies to re-release SOON! And don't forget...Bittersweet Obsessions releases at www.eRedSAge.com on June 1st!


  1. See you at your new website. I love your books. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey, you, Miss GorgeousGirl... would you allow me to kiss your adorable feets in Heaven? I'd so looooove to do such a marvelous, wonderfull endeavor for five weeks or more. Meet me Upstairs, girl. See 'MySoulAccomplishment' first, an effusive, yummy story I wrote yeeers ago about love make’n in Heaven. And, yes, if we have the desire, anything is possible Upstairs. So, believe, girly, and you SHALL be rewarded in The End. Love you --- No, you don’t gotta with me or anyone; only a physical option for those who wanna make physical love a part of their physical eternity, dear. God bless you --- PS Yes, you may copy anything your heart desires. I wanna git the WordOut, babe. See ya soon.